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Traffic-Crypt Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
You can earn traffic in 2 ways: 1) By using your unique view-for-credits-link youŽll earn credits everytime you visit another members page, provided you wait for the timer to reach zero. 2) You can earn credits from your "Downline". Each time they earn their credits you will automatically earn credits too. This is a comfortable way to create traffic. The more members in your downline the more points you will earn. You will find Referral stats in your member admin area.
How do I earn credits?
Signup, activate account and login. You will find your surf-for-credits-link in the members area. Just click it and your browser will start showing sites and you are earning traffic. You wont have to be logged in to use your surflink.
Can I change my user ID?
No you cannot.
How do I delete my account
Log in to the site and delete your account from within the members area. You will lose all credits (obviously) and any other benefits you have accrued.
Do you give refunds?
No we do not. If you terminate your account before an upgraded subscription expires or before any purchased hits and banners have been delivered you lose everything.
Can I have more than one account?
Absolutely not. Signing up for multiple accounts or referring yourself is considered cheating. The CryptKeeper will become very upset!
Why is my site not showing?
This could be for several reasons. You may have entered the url incorrectly so check your members page. All sites must start with http://. Your site may also be experiencing technical difficulties outside of our control. Your site may have been suspended for abuse or it may have been reported by another member and is waiting review.
Why do I never see my own site?
Why would you want to see it? The idea is for others to see your site and it would be a waste of your credits.
Do you allow rotators?
Only rotators are allowed that have a way of checking for frame breakers & inappropriate content as a site is added. If your rotator program does this then you may add it. If not then it would not be allowed.
Why do I have to answer questions?
This is one part of the anti-cheat measures used on this exchange and prevents the use of auto-clickers. It also allows you to earn bonus credits.
What if I cannot answer a question?
Well, it's hardly the end of the world and you do get a 50/50 chance just by guessing. Even so, the questions are ridiculously easy so this should not be a problem - relax! Plus we give you the answer..LOL
Do you allow popups?
We would rather you kept to sites that had nothing popping up, popping under, sliding sideways, rolling down etc. We do however allow one popup OR popunder if it cannot be avoided and does not interfere with the smooth running of the exchange. On no account do we allow modal dialoges (alert boxes, download boxes or anything that requires a member to click to get rid of it).
Do you allow start pages from other exchanges?
No we do not.
How effective are your anti-cheat measures?
Very effective. Apart from the random icons you need to click when surfing and the bonus question pages there are many other measures built into the site. Don't ask what they are because the CryptKeeper is not telling! Be aware that anyone trying to cheat will fail miserably. You will lose your membership immediately and the CryptKeeper will be after you!
Is Traffic-Crypt free?
Yes it is. Our membership will always be free to anyone world wide. We do have a couple of optional premium memberships which can greatly enhance surf ratios and referral benefits as well as offer a percentage of up to 50% on any sales you refer to us!
What do I do with these skulls I won?
Each time you find the correct door on the doors game you earn 10 skulls. The skulls can then be converted into credits by visiting the Convert Credits link.
What are the letters you earn all about?
The letters you earn as you surf will spell out the word of your current rank. Each 30 sites visited earns you one letter. Once you have all the letters necessary you are promoted to that rank. Each time you are promoted you earn credits, the first rank you gain earns you 25 extra credits & increases with each new rank up to 250 extra credits by the highest rank! Then the entire process starts all over again!
How do paid emails work?
When you receive a paid email, by clicking the link you are taken to a page where you will log in so your visit can be recorded. You will earn 25 credits for your visit plus your normal referral level breakdown on any downline members visiting the paid email. You are then sent to the advertiser's website. You can send your own paid email to all members for only $12.50 at this time!
How do these buffs work?
When surfing, check the smaller surf frame for a link that will randomly appear. Buff links will give you temporary enhancements such as a faster or shorter surf timer, increased surf ratio, or additional credit, text, or banner impressions as you surf. Some are instantly available & others you can activate when you want to. To activate buffs that have been collected for later use, visit your Buffs Page in the member's area!
My question is not answered!
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